1. Generator Power Ratings: Here's What You Should Know

    When you consider purchasing a generator, the first thing you should think about is the intended use of it. It may be easy to find out how much

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  2. What is an Inverter Generator ?

    In a few words, it is a generator that can safely power sensitive electronic devices. They produce clean and stable energy in comparison to traditional generators.

    How Do Inverter Generators Work?

    To understand how they work, you first need to understand the inverter. Where traditional generators use a heavy alternator, inverter generators use a lightweight digital electronic alternator – the inverter.

    The inverter generator produces pure sine wave power. It simply means that you get power as clean as what get from the mains power outlets at home. The generator produces DC power, then the inverter inverts and converts DC power to a steady flow of clean AC power.


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  3. Diesel Generator Fuel Consumption Guide

    Generator fuel consumption has always been a concern of many in deciding on what generator to buy. Diesel-powered generators tend to be more fuel-efficient

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