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Diesel generators for sale for home, trade, and industrial use, from 5kVA to 2200 kVA diesel generators in stock. Equipped with a reliable engine. Mitsubishi, Kubota, Cummins & Volvo powered diesel generator sales available.

What sets ABLEGEN Diesel Generators apart?

Our generators are not standard factory machines that other competitors can buy, our generators have had 10’s of years of refinements and modifications and are made to our high Australian standards. Buy high-quality diesel generator for sale online or come to our warehouse near you. For the expert's advice, call us now!

Browse from our huge range of high-quality gensets at warehouse direct prices. Fast Delivery Australia wide. Buy online or visit our warehouse near you!

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Here are some important factors to consider when choosing a generator: Understanding the right capacity for the job, too big or too small will cause issues. Which fuel type, diesel or petrol, Control system it uses, Fuel efficiency, Its physical size, and where you will position it.

Buying the right generator will save you money in the long run. Choosing what generator is right for your requirement is not difficult, just keep in mind the following steps:

Step 1: Determine the tools and appliances you want to power at the same time

Step 2: List the start-up and running power usage (Watts) for each product

Step 3: Add the total power usage and add 10% as a safety net.

Step 4: Choose a generator with a rated and maximum power that equals or slightly exceeds your totals.

Diesel Fuelled Generators

Diesel generators are perfect for farmers and tradesmen who want a safer fuel source, longer performance life, and better fuel economy. They are also ideal for power back-up in remote locations and industrial situations.


Diesel generators last the longest and if serviced regularly an expensive brand generator could last possibly up to 50000 hours, but is that the way to go? At the time of writing this you could buy the name Brand generator let's say a 25 KVA for $24,000 or more or you could buy a 25 kVA ablegen generator for as little as $12,000 and if serviced properly should last you over 20000 hours, if running 4 hours a day it will take you 14 years before you reach 20000 hours, After 20000 hours both machines will reduce in fuel efficiency and also increase engine emissions so considering the ablegen cost you half as much it makes sense that if you need one after 14 years you can buy a new one that is more fuel-efficient quieter and more powerful.

Diesel generators are very much like a car if you do not regularly service it and change the oil and filters it will not live as long, However, regardless of what brand generator you purchase over time, carbon can build up on injectors, causing an engine to run less efficiently because it’s not getting the proper mist of fuel. This phenomenon can not only reduce fuel efficiency but also increase an engine’s emissions. Considering ablegen's generators cost less than half the cost of the big-name generators we think it's smarter and cheaper not to buy the big names, even for mining and hospital applications were cost is not an issue Abelgen generators can be synchronised to run in parallel and give you even greater reliability and ease of maintenance then the big brands.

Standby power is what the generator can live with for a very short time. Extended running at standby power will damage your machine in time, whereas Prime power is what the generator can handle for an unlimited amount of time. What is the best workload for a generator? If the workload is to light on any brand of generator, this can cause glazing of the cylinder bores and that is very bad news, to avoid this the approximate answer is you should run your generator at 70 to 80% capacity this will also give you the longest life and the best fuel efficiency of your generator So choosing the right size generator in the first place is very important.

Engine Glazing in a diesel generator is engine damage caused by either misuse or incorrect generator sizing.

A diesel engine is designed to operate at above 60% of its maximum load and ideally closer to 75%. An engine relies on sufficient cylinder pressure to force the piston rings to tightly seal in the bore against the film of oil on the bore's surface. When an engine is consistently run at less than 60% load, it leads to a drop in the cylinder pressure which in turn causes poor combustion and subsequently low combustion pressures and temperatures.

The poor combustion allows unburnt fuel resides to form a treacle-like substance that clogs the piston rings creating an even greater loss in the cylinder pressure. Now that the cylinder rings are not sealing properly, the hot combustion gases force their way past the rings and flash bake the oil on the cylinder into a hard, ceramic-like substance. This is known as glazing or glazing the bore.

Once glazing has occurred, the honing marks in the bore which are there to return oil to the crankcase are smoothed over. The glazing issue becomes a vicious spiral with poor combustion allowing yet lower piston pressures and more unburnt fuel to contaminate the lubricating oil and eventually form acids which would normally burn off if the engine is operating at its optimal temperature.

Glazing can cause a diesel generator to become irreparably damaged in just a matter of 24 hours of misuse. Once glazing happens, the engine will no longer produce its designed output and in many cases no longer start. This can only be repaired with a costly engine rebuild.

Our generators are not standard factory machines that other competitors can buy, our machines have had 10’s of years of refinements and modifications and are made to our high Australian standards. A Diesel powered generator is by far the best choice for off-grid power production or as an ideal complement for off-grid solar power for running your home essentials like your kitchen, laundry and lighting. With a much longer shelf life as petrol, Diesel fuel also far more economical. A diesel generator will run on half the fuel a petrol generator will use. The ABLEGEN range of generators is known for producing a stable and consistent output with industry-leading reliability.

You may ask why we have air-cooled units similar to this at more than half the price?
Simply put water-cooled generators last 3-4 times longer, so if you are going to run this for only a few hours a day may be an air cooling unit may be better for you, just ask our experts when you call. Diesel motors are far more reliable than petrol engines as there is no electrical spark needed to combust the fuel so say goodbye to ignition issues of petrol engines. Diesel is also safer to carry around or transfer as it is way less combustible than petrol. Diesel motors mix their air and fuel outside the combustion chamber in the inlet port. Diesel's other advantage is that it has a much higher compression ratio than unleaded petrol, which makes it more efficient.