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Digital Timer - 15 Combination - (Installed to Generator)

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  • Day and Week Clock
  • High Contrast LCD Display
  • 15 Program Combinations
  • Battery Backup for Power Failure
  • Reset Function and Manual Override

If you are a residential house or dwelling but you want to pick it up from the shipping depot yourself please choose industrial / commercial premises.

Operation Mode : On - Off - Auto
Display : High Contrast LCD
Clock Time : 12 or 24 Hour
Programs : 15 Combinations;
Individual Days
Week Days
Week End Days
6 Day Week
Monday to Wednesday
Thursday to Saturday
Monday Wednesday Friday
Tuesday Thursday Saturday
Switching : Normally Open or Normally Closed
Power : 12V or 24V (Stipulate)
Backup : 3V CR2032 Lithium Battery
Overall Dimensions (mm) : 72 L x 72 W x 33 D
Panel Opening Dimensions (mm) : 65 L x 65 W
Maximum Panel Thickness (mm) : 7
Options : 12V or 24V (Stipulate)
  Price is Inculding Installation & Wiring @ Time of Generator Purchase
Weight (g) : 100 
Dimensions (mm) : 75 L x 75 W x 35 H
Also Available : Wireless Remote Start
  ATS/AMF Auto Mains Failure Monitoring & Switching/Isolation

Do you need to automate your generator starting and stopping times? 


Do you need to supply power to a pump at the same time every day, every two days, weekly? 


This versatile 7 day digital timer is ideal for use in any appliance which requires automation. It can be configured to switch at up to 14 different times during a 24 hour period. In addition, it can be programmed to operate on a wide variety of days. eg. Daily, Week days only, Weekends only, Every second day, or selected group of days. 


The timer has three modes of operation. In the "auto" mode, the timer automatically switches at the pre-programmed times. In the "on" mode, the switch is always on regardless of the timer program setting. In the "off" mode, the timer will not switch regardless of the program settings. The mode of operation can only be changed when power is applied to the switch. 


In the event of a power failure, the switch retains its program data via an inbuilt long life lithium battery. 


Locate next to the controller for easy access using a unique quick fixing mechanism which suits panels up to 7mm thick.


This model allows for 14 programs with a single user adjustable “on” duration. A switch-on time for each of the 14 programs may be set, with a single, user-set "on" duration for all programs. 


3V CR2032 Lithium Backup Battery keeps the programs recorded in case of main power supply failure.


A broad application in heating and refrigerating systems, boilers, ovens, dryers, defrosting equipment, swimming pools, hatcheries, illumination, bore pumps, livestock watering etc



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