Petrol Trade Spec Generators

When you need power in a pinch you want a generator that is reliable, easy to move, easy to run and has a big fuel tank. Our range of trade spec petrol generators is perfect for onsite power for tradies.

They are also suitable for residential, farms, and fetes. All models are designed with wheels and fold-out handles to make it easily portable around the site. 

Our range of portable petrol generator sales from 3kVA to 13kVA models are extremely popular among tradies and have proven their reliability thanks to our very stable petrol engine.

Buy with confidence, our generators are designed to Australian Standards and they come with 12 month or 500 hours warranty. Petrol Generator for Sale at Warehouse Direct Prices. Buy Now!


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Australian Standards Compliant: weatherproof IP66 rated and RCD protected outlets

Proven Reliability: AbleGen petrol generators are designed with very stable, single-cylinder petrol engine.

Safety First: RCD is installed as standard.

Automatic Voltage Regulation: For a Stable Power Output

Portable: Compact Design. The wheels and handle make it easier to move on the go

User-friendly Control: No complexity. The control panel is easy to use.

Value for Money: Huge Power at a Reasonable Price.


Generator size is one of the factors to consider when you’re planning to buy a generator. Preferably, the right generator size is one that correctly matches the power of tools or devices you need to run at the same time. Finding out the maximum output of each device or tool you will run is important. If the generator size is smaller than you required, some of your tools may not run at its maximum output and as a result, its lifespan may be reduced and overloading a generator may also cause of its breakdown. On the other hand, if the generator size is bigger than you required, it won’t run as efficiently as the correctly matched size and you’ll be paying unnecessarily more expensive.

The generator size, cost, and power capacity are important factors to be considered before buying a generator. Check out our range of petrol generators for sale from 3kVA to 13kVA sizes. To ensure you’ll get the best value, we suggest you check our Generator Power Calculator page, or you can directly call our Generator Experts today!


Here, we will be considering the benefits of a petrol generator. We gathered this information from our team of generator experts. 

Reliable and Efficient - petrol generator is popular with individuals looking for a reliable and efficient portable power for a low price.

Cheaper than its Counterpart -  petrol generators are cheaper than diesel generators so it's ideal for individuals looking for a cheaper machine to start with. However, according to our team of generator experts, a petrol generator burns more fuel than a diesel generator. 

Quieter to Operate  - Perhaps the major benefit of a petrol generator is that it operates quieter than its counterpart. If the noise is an issue such as those worksites in a building or enclosed space, a petrol generator would be ideal.