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Smartgen Controller HGM4010

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  • LCD Backlit Screen
  • Multi DC Voltage Compatible
  • Multi-Phase Compatible
  • Auxilliary Inputs
  • Remote Start System
  • Solar Inverter Compatible
  • Engine Monitoring / Watchdog
  • Alternator Monitoring
  • Simple User-friendly display
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Display: LCD Display Backlit Screen
Language: English-Spanish-Chinese
Power DC: 8-35 Volt DC
Power AC: 220-440Volt
Phase Compat: Single –Two –Three Phase 
Frequency: 50-60Hertz
Monitoring: Digital Modulation Control
Start: Multiple Start Attempts (3)
Engine Monitoring: Water Temp, Oil Pressure, RPM, Fuel Level Sensing
Remote Start: ATS Compatible, Solar Inverter comp,  and many other remote devices
Memory System: Flash Memory Storage

The Smartgen HGM4010 series controller is a fully integrated digital automatic control system designed for diesel generators.

The controller is the brain monitoring all aspects of the generator. The Smartgen controller monitors engine temperature, water temperature, engine RPM, as well as Volts, Hertz, Amps, and many other parameters that only a Smartgen generator controller can.

Other functionalities include remote start capabilities from many types of remote systems from timers to remote switching and solar inverter systems. The HGM4010 series also has a number of auxiliary outputs for other monitoring,  including automatic start/stop, data measure, and alarming. The controller uses an LCD display interface with easy and simple user operation.


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