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V-belt A1245Li 2175Ld

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  • V-Belt
  • A-1245Li
  • 2175Ld
  • Suit EM10030 & 65

If you are a residential house or dwelling but you want to pick it up from the shipping depot yourself please choose industrial / commercial premises.

Length Lw(Ld) mm / in : 1630 / 66
Length Li mm / in : 1600 / 64
Top Width : 1/2"
Height : 5/16"
Working Temperature : -30°C/+60°C
Temperature Resistance : -35C to +70C
Wedge Angle : 40°
Standard  : DIN 2215
Material : Rubber Cushion/Polyester Cable Cord Reinforcement
Recommended Use : Agricultural and Industrial Machinery
Recommended Pulley Diameter : > 71mm (2-3/4”)
Other Specifications : Limited Oil Resistant, Antistatic, Tolerance Stable
Replaces : GAT9660 2087759 2087778 383040 PF119 402254R91 
  AP64 886853 610767 MHC00782 95099487 844530M1
Weight : < 1 kg
Dimensions (packed) : 30 L x 30 W x 15 H cm

Classical section wrapped V-belt. Suitable for agricultural, engineering, industrial machines. 

V belts (also style V-belts, vee belts, or, less commonly, wedge rope) is now the basic belt for power transmission. They provide the best combination of traction, speed of movement, load of the bearings, and long service life. They are generally endless, and their general cross-section shape is trapezoidal (hence the name "V"). The "V" shape of the belt tracks in a mating groove in the pulley (or sheave), with the result that the belt cannot slip off. The belt also tends to wedge into the groove as the load increases—the greater the load, the greater the wedging action—improving torque transmission and making the V-belt an effective solution, needing less width and tension than flat belts. V-belts trump flat belts with their small center distances and high reduction ratios. The preferred center distance is larger than the largest pulley diameter, but less than three times the sum of both pulleys. Optimal speed range is 1,000–7,000 ft/min (300–2,130 m/min). V-belts need larger pulleys for their thicker cross-section than flat belts.


For high-power requirements, two or more V-belts can be joined side-by-side in an arrangement called a multi-V, running on matching multi-groove sheaves. This is known as a multiple-V-belt drive (or sometimes a "classical V-belt drive").


V-belts may be homogeneously rubber or polymer throughout, or there may be fibers embedded in the rubber or polymer for strength and reinforcement. The fibers may be of textile materials such as cotton, polyamide (such as Nylon) or polyester or, for greatest strength, of steel or aramid (such as Twaron or Kevlar).


When an endless belt does not fit the need, jointed and link V-belts may be employed. Most models offer the same power and speed ratings as equivalently-sized endless belts and do not require special pulleys to operate. A link v-belt is a number of polyurethane/polyester composite links held together, either by themselves, such as Fenner Drives' PowerTwist, or by metal studs, such as Gates' Nu-T-Link. These provide easy installation and superior environmental resistance compared to rubber belts and are length adjustable by disassembling and removing links when needed.


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